Learning French

Bonjour, Je m’apelle Mee et J’ai trente ans. J’habite à Jakarta. Je suis Indonésiènne et J’apprends Français.  Je peux parle Français, sedikit saja. Mon professeur a nom Madamme Ira Nasution. Merci.

Having pleasure time every weekends forced me to decide to have a beneficial activity, which did not too costly. I need something which could force my brain work out more. Taking a French course is my choosen. I have been learning French for about three months. French is quite difficult for me, as I have to understand about feminin and masculin nouns, conjugation patterns for verbs and subjects, and its pronounciation that different with its spelling.

Last Sunday, I had my final test for my first module. I’m not sure I will get a good grade, but I believe Madamme Ira will let me pass the first module. Right, Madamme Ira? Let me tell you, she is very kind and generous that she treated the four of us to have a lunch and a dinner at Hanamasa restaurant! It’s always full of laugh when we hang out together, we have one singer, one beautician, one French teacher, one fresh graduate from Law Faculty, and me -who is the no one-, in our group.

These words of French are always able to make me and the beautician giggling :

Bonjour monsieur, çava? Je t’aime bien. Est-ce que vous avez des monnaies?

Imagine how materialistic we are if we say that to a guy who we just met…

Vous avez compris?

This is what Madamme Ira always asks us after explaining something, then we answer : Ouiiiii Madamme…