Mee and An Old Friend

Last night, I had an invitation for a dinner from an old friend. I accepted it happily and imagined, I would have a good time with him, sharing stories about our life and work. Everything. I did have that good time until this conversation happened :

+ Okay Mee. Thanks for your time. -shaking my hand-
– Yeah, no problem. I also thank you for the dinner. We can meet again sometimes.
+ Mee, can I have a special request from you?
– What is it?
+ I want to kiss you please.
– Why?
+ I want it.
– Uhm… I’m sorry I wouldn’t do that. It’s time for me to come in the house now.

This old friend is a husband with a beautiful wife and a gorgeous 3 months old baby girl, waiting him at home. Please respect your family, my friend.